The Purpose Of Website Strategy

What is “website strategy” 

Have you heard that term before?

It’s a buzzword in the digital marketing and website space at the moment.

Everyone is saying strategy, strategy, strategy.

Most people are offering “free strategy” session as an incentive to get on a call.

Is a “strategy session” just a way for vendors to try and make you pay more money, or does it serve a purpose?

That is what we’re exploring in this video.

We’ll be diving deep into:

  • What strategy is
  • Why you should care about it
  • How it can MAKE or BREAK your businesses online marketing efforts


The purpose of the strategy is understanding the core one or two challenges and then putting forward a focused effort to solve them.

That description from the book “good strategy bad strategy” by Jeff Zych

What I believe it is saying is that if you’re trying to solve a problem if you are trying to get from where you are to where you want to go, you have to have a real understanding of what’s stopping you getting there.

If not, you can make a lot of effort but not have a lot of progress.

Don’t confuse activity with achievement.

You want the effort you make to be valuable and to be moving you forward, not just spinning the wheels.

That’s why a strategy can make or break a marketing campaign or website.

It can make or break the marketing efforts of any business.

It is essential to know what you’re aspiring to achieve and how you plan to go about it.

Without a strategy (or plan you could say) guiding you – how are you going to make decisions?

How are you’re going to answer questions such as;

“What pages do we need on the website?”

“What should our design look?

“What colours do we use?”

Will you answer these questions by being guided by your gut instinct on the day? By the personal preferences of your Mother?

Does that sound like a logical approach to guide your efforts to connect with potential clients?

A strategy assists us in providing educated answers to these questions and making effective decisions across the whole spectrum of situations you’ll come across in a website design project.




1. You Can’t Solve A Problem You Don’t Understand

If you went to a doctor and as soon as you sat down they said “Okay I’m going to prescribe x,y,z to you now” before having a discussion you would think they are insane.

Is it crazy, right?

So why would you have this approach with your website design?

It would be best if you prescribed a solution after an investigation and making a diagnosis.

The strategy component of a website design project is the very first thing that we complete with our clients here at XESIV Digital.

The focus is on really digging in and trying to identify what problems are we trying to solve and then seeing if/how this project can help solve those problems.


2. To Understand What You Don’t Need To Do

A website strategy gives perspective on what you don’t need to do a lot of the time.

Often, our clients see what their competitors are doing, get excited, schedule a meeting and want to make something “better or different.” showing the details of what is on another website.


They’ve seen something very creative online and KNOW they need this in their business.

Can you relate to any of this?

Without a strategy, how do you know if you should or shouldn’t invest resources into these ideas?

A defined strategy provides a measuring stick that allows you to say yes or no to potential projects confidently.

This significantly reduced the workload because if it doesn’t help us achieve our defined goals, it is a distraction, and we shouldn’t do it.

You can’t make this call without a website strategy.

3. Because Most Business Owners Don’t Know Much About Websites & Marketing

It’s unlikely those involved with a website design project understand really why you’re doing this, what the real value is and what is possible with these assets.

That’s why its advisable to talk to professionals.

You seek the counsel of professionals with you accountants, you do it with lawyers, you should do it in all fields, and this is no different.

Having the assistance of someone has a deep understanding of marketing and websites overall allows you to define things such as:

  • Why you’re doing this
  • What the problems are
  • If there enough value in solving these problems to justify the resources needed to complete a project
  • What might a solution look like

It brings clarity to many areas such as this going through the website strategy process.

4. When You Solve Bigger Problems, You Create Bigger Results:

We’ve had people reach out to us, and they go “I just don’t like the way my website looks it looks a little bit dated.”

This is a surface-level analysis.

When we dig deeper, we find that the businesses online representation it’s having a negative impact on website visitors which could be costing the business both revenue and market share.

Getting an understanding of the real problems only happens when you dive deep through the website strategy process.


5. Aligns Expectations Between All Parties:

There are often multiple people involved in making decisions for a business.

Your business might be a partnership, have a board of directors, have public shareholders…who knows.


It there is more then one person who is responsible for making a decision – if all these parties don’t get in alignment with things such as:

  • what they are trying to achieve
  • How they are going to go about it
  • How they are going to measure 

It is impossible to have achieved a successful outcome.

A strategy session with all decision makes bring everyone onto the same page and get agreement on what steps we’re going to take moving forward.

“If You Want To Have An Impact, You Must Have A Strategy”

It’s applicable in all areas of life; it’s no different with website design.

I’m Aarron from XESIV Digital.

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– Aarron Attwell 


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