How To Reach All Of Your Customers With Facebook Ads (ONLY $3 – $5 daily) 


It’s a scary time for business right now.

It’s March 24th here in Australia and the impact of the COVID-19 lock-down is really started to be felt by local businesses.

Nobody knows what is going on; nobody knows what the future holds.

The Australian Government has told a lot of businesses that they need to close their doors.

If you have had to close the doors of your business – you’re probably terrified right now.

You are trying your best to adapt, to create ways that you can continue to trade with these new rules, but you’re scared, and you’re not 100% sure on what to do.

I’m seeing all over Facebook a group of restaurants/cafes/bars who have adapted their business model to be focused on take away orders right now.

That is fantastic, but you need to continue to communicate with your customers and teach them how they can continue to support you through this time.

I see posts on Facebook, but I’m concerned that all of these businesses customers are not going to see them.

Organic reach is almost dead.

If you are relying on Facebook to do the heavy lifting for you to get the message our I fear that you will be disappointed.

Money is going to be tight right now, and I understand this.

So I want to show you in under 10-minutes, how you can use Facebook advertising to tactically reach all of your customers for less for $3-$5 a day.

Making sure the customers who want to support you know how to do so could make a massive difference to where your business is at over the coming months.

You don’t need a large budget, you can do this yourself, and it is the most effective way to communicate with your audience right now.

Any questions?

Put them in the comments below.

I’ll do my best to help any way I can


– Aarron