How To Design A Website That Generates Leads

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Why is that some business websites can generate dozens, or even hundreds of leads and sales each month, while others get crickets?
Is it because they look better?
Because they have flash animations?
Better features?
Because you paid more for it?
Well, the truth is, it’s NONE of the above ❌
I’ve spent the better part of this decade and invested over $100 000 into my education to figure out what makes one website perform better than another ?
The answer might surprise you.
What determines if the investment into a website will move the needle for your business isn’t how your website looks ?
It ultimately comes down to your website strategy.
“Website strategy” I hear you saying.
Yes, website strategy ♕
“Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat” – Sun Zhu
A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
Your website strategy must be well developed before moving into tactics or other tasks such as design, copy-writing, text size ratios, call to actions development etc ✔️
The overall aim of a website for a service business is typically to generate leads.
A lead is a human taking action.
So if you want to generate leads, then you want humans to take action ?
To drive a human to take action, you need to understand how to influence human behaviour. That is what we’re covering in this video today.
In just over 10-minutes, you will learn:
✅ The three things that drive our behaviour as humans
✅ How this applies to generating leads with your website.
✅ Where your website fits into the online marketing ecosystem.
✅ The 4-step process you must follow to create a high-performing website design.
If you’re involved in a business that provides a service (not a product) who is already marketing themselves online and can take on new clients – this video is for you ?
Don’t sleep on your growth!
Invest 10+ minutes into yourself and learn how to drive your potential clients to take action on your website ?️
Click on the video to get started today
As always, if you have any questions, reach out in the comments below ?
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