Can We Speed Up The Indexation Of Our Citations?

Can we speed up the indexation of our citations?


This post is an experiment as we at XESIV Digital are conducting some independent research.

Our goal is to get a page on our website ranking for 2 x local keywords – “Albany Website Design” & “Albany SEO”

We’re executing precisely what we would do for a client’s SEO campaign but finally doing it on our website.

This SEO campaign is a “Local SEO” campaign, so we’re working on getting a page on our website ranking in both the maps and the organic listing for our target keyword.

The 4 components of any SEO campaign are:

1. Keyword Research

2. On-Page 

3. Off-Page

4. Content Marketing

We have followed steps 1 & 2 which is creating choosing a target keyword then creating a fantastic page that we are going to try and rank – you can check out our Albany Website Design page quickly by clicking on the link. We’ve very happy with it but the Albany SEO page is rubbish and needs a redesign (what even is this).

The “Albany Website Design” page ticked a lot of boxes for on-page SEO such as the keyword in the URL, in the H1, in the H2, we have it in the title of a YouTube video that has been embedded etc.

The next step in this campaign is to get some local authority to our URL, and the way we are doing this in a number of ways. We are going to be building links to either the websites homepage or blog posts which have internal links with exact match anchor text to the internal pages that we’re wanting to rank locally.

We are also building a large amount of citations/director links and sending these to the websites home page. This experiment is focusing on getting these citations indexed quicker by Google.

A citation is a mention of a businesses NAP (Name – Address – Phone) number on the internet.

We have created many accounts on online directories referring to XESIV Digital’s business details, adding photos, adding links back to our website etc.

We complete these profile out as much as we can but if we’re telling the trust – what we’re hoping to achieve here is to have these pages indexed by Google so there are lots of naked URL links pointing back to our home page and many mentions of our NAP.

One issue commonly faced with citation building is the length of time it can take for Google to pick up the new URL on the directory site.

We understand why this is so – with millions of website pages created each day it would be an impossible task for Google to crawl them all and add them to the search index as soon as they are built…even though that would be nice.

This lack of indexation means that it could take months…even years for XESIV Digital to start getting a return on the effort invested into these citations and directory links.

Taking months before getting a return isn’t ideal for us, and it wouldn’t be suitable for a client either so we searched online for a workaround and came across an interesting article by Casey Meraz titled “Are Your Citations Indexed? Are They Helping You?

Citations Not Indexed

This article addressed the problem we’re facing and suggested a solution.

Instead of waiting months or years for Google to organically find the citations and directory links that have been built – Casey suggested we do the following.

1. Create a page on your website or older blog post. You could title it “Other places to review us on the web” or something to that extent.

2. Add the links to the citations not showing up in Google’s index. If you’re not sure which ones you can copy and paste the citation URL into a Google Search and see if the result shows up.

3. After the page is complete open up Google Search Console and select Crawl > Fetch as Google

4. Enter the URL of the new page you created and select “Fetch and Render”

5. After the status says complete, you should select the “Submit to Index” option.

6. When this pulls up, it will give you two choices, select the “Crawl this URL and its direct links” option.

7. Wait a few days and check the URL’s to see if they’ve made it into the index!

Thanks, Casey! This is precisely what we’re going to do but before we get these we need to do some benchmarking.

Bench marking my citations records


The image above is from and it is from a paid account we have at XESIV Digital.

This image is showing the current citations that are indexed for our URL and the consistancy of this information.

This was captured on the 08/04/2019 and as you can see it isn’t anything impressive.

Only 5 out of BrightLocals 36 top sites are indexed. We have created citations on all of their top 36 sites but they are not in the index yet so they’re not helping in our local SEO campaign.

Let’s see if we can change that.

Here we go.


The following information is a list of URL’s showing where use you can find information about XESIV Digital online

Facebook –

Twitter –

LinkedIN –

Pinterest –

Google+ –


YouTube –

About.Me –

Alternativeto.Net –

Angel.Co –

Ask.FM –

Buzzsprout –

Yellow Pages –

Show Me Local –

Albany Gateway –

Just Landed –

Hotfrog –


Disqus –

F6S –

Fancy –

Fark – 

Feedspot –

Gitlabs –

Goodreads –

HR –

Gravatar –

Issue –

Kanja –

Live Journal –

Mag Cloud –

Mioola –

Moby Picture –

Moz –

Myblougu –

Opensitemap –

Redbubble –

Aussie Web –

True Local


Yalwa –

FourSquare –

Tupalo –

Brownbook –

Yello Yello –

Au.Kompass –

Express Business Directory –

Enroll Business –

Call Up Contact –


Find Us Here –

Word Of Mouth –

Local BD –

Australian Planet –

Tuugo –

Cylex –

National Directory –

Where Is –

Aussie Hours –

Citation Experiment - One Week In


It has been 7-days since this expeirment began and this update is occuring on the 15/04/2019. We’re still using the citation tracker in Bright Local as our main tool for measurement.

As you can see in the image above, XESIV Digital’s “citation score” (bright locals % measurement of how many of the “top 36” directiory sites that the business in question is listed on) has improved from 17% to 31%. We have gone from 6 citations indexed to 11. 

We will continue to observe progression and provide an update at the 1-month mark. 


We haven’t reach a conclusion yet but we will add to this blog post with the results we find it due time. Watch this space for updates.